Monday, August 11, 2014

New field trips - New experiences

“Mai Hich commune a community-based ecotourism and Homestay tourism
 – Old and new story”.
A field trip of a third-year student to a difficult area of Vietnam - Mai Hich Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province. It is mountainous areas of  Northwestern Vietnam. I went here with international volunteers. Mai Hich has great potentialities for development of the country’s tourism industry, contributing to the national socia-economic growth.
Rainbow is over mountain

Many types of tourism services have been formed to attract the tourists such as: Homestay and Community-based ecotourism. It was suitable for me because I love discovering, experiencing and exploring different customs of different cultures.

Firstly, staying at the local houses will help me have a chance to understand about the living and humans at the visited areas. 
Secondly, I really impressed on Community-based ecotourism. In the morning and afternoon, I went trekking about 10 kilometers. I visited Long Cave and Pu Muong Cave is for those who love adventurousness. 

Afterthat, we went rowing by bamboo raft on Xia stream. Everything was so peaceful and made me feel comfortable. 

Then, I experienced local people’s life with activities: farming, procuding brocade. 
Make campfire
Traditional dance

People are farmers
Farmers are professional art performers

In the evening, I attended cultural exchange of Thai’s people. We danced with big and long bamboo sticks – a traditional dance, drank wine out of a jar through small bamboo pipes, made campfire

Moreover, I impressed on people in Mai Hich. The farmers are not only the tourguides, cookers for tourist but also art performers. 

   However it is concerned that the more tourists are there the more commercialized will the services be. However, people in Mai Hich have consults advice and support from tourism specialist so that they understand the specific needs of tourists. From then, they improve quality of their services. Therefore this model has been being implemented in a fairly good method.
   Thanks to the development of Homestay tourism – Communitour, local people can save money from tourism services, quality of life has been also improved.
Firstly, about Investment and Construction. The total money was invested in the construction was 129,632 dollars in 2013 included 8,572$ for repairing the water pine; 29,959$ for 2 classes; 30,100 for 2 classes in the secondary school; 15,385$ for culture house; 15,618$ for water system and 10,000$ for making the plan of new countryside program.
Secondly, about Education. In general the quality of education was improved in 2013.
Secondary school: There are 8 classes with 233 students. According to local people, they said that: “ They save more money from tourism so their children can continue going to secondary shool and high school”. The number of students is more than 2012 about 52 students. The school met the national criteria
    I hope that tourism model in Mai Hich will develop even more effective, sustainable to improve living standards of local people. Mai Hich will be famous in Vietnam and all over the world.

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